Tire manipulator. Tire Changer. The equipment removal and installation of wheels.

Siberian technology LTD is created to produce and supply parts and equipment necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of equipment in the workplace. Our main goal is the stability and the profitability of your work!


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The main products:

Hoses assembled. We produce it with using the catalog numbers and individual specifications.We have a special database of part numbers for hoses assembled.Due of it we are able to offer to our customers a full set of hoses for the most of models OEM. We supply hoses for part numbers on the technique - Caterpillar, Daewoo, Demag, Dressta, Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr, Shantui, Terex, CTZ, Belaz etc.

Components for the production of high-pressure hoses.We supply such products as hoses «Parker» , fittings, couplings,  metal cover- protection, plastic cover-protection, fittings and couplings Interlock. Our experts are ready to help you to make the right order for hoses and components.

Siberian Technology is the distributor of UNIFLEX Company. Uniflex is the world-leader manufacture of production lines for the manufactures of hoses assembled. Technical stuff of Siberian Technology are able to help you to make right choice for your own  hoses-crimping line. We can offer workshop crimpers, production crimpers, hose skiving machines, cutting machines etc.

Manufacturing of equipment for repair and maintenance of mining equipment- Jacks, tire changers, equipment for removing and installing the wheels, stands-tilters, boring and surfacing systems.










We offer:

The equipment removal and installation of wheels. Tire manipulator (wheel-puller) Series «KG»


   Tire manipulator series «KG» is special equipment manufactured by Siberian Technology . This equipment is mounted on the wheel loader for the most safe and efficient execution of works on removal, installation, handling and movement of large wheel sizes from 18.00-25 to 59/80.
Priority principle of our company is to ensure maximum safety for technical staff. Engineering service of our company constantly interacts with our customers to identify the preferences and requirements and offers solutions for a more comfortable, safer and more efficient operation


   Tire manipulator performs the following functions: wheel clamps (1), the rotation of the wheel (2), lift, lateral displacement (4), boom angle forward / backward tilt arm (3). Manipulator can be controlled bus from the cab.


Features tire manipulators series «KG»

Safety. Safety grip and precise hydraulic steering ensure maximum safety at work of tire manipulator. The tire manipulator is able to work at repair facilities and open areas of mining. The operator can the following operations: wheel clamp, transportation, wheel turn from vertical to horizontal and vice versa, the displacement and tilt wheel. Cylinders fitted with grips to prevent hydraulic lock unclamping in case of a pressure system.

Performance. Tire manipulator design combines superior performance, reliability, scalability and safety. Tyre manipulator is able to withstand the toughest conditions, while demonstrating excellent performance.

Versatility. It is possible to install manipulator on loading equipment of all world producers suitable for the required specifications.

Wide model range. Tire manipulators are represented by a wide basic model range capacity from 1500 to 8000 kg and disclosure capture range from 686 to 4160 mm. For additional order it is possible to make revision of tire manipulator according to technical customer requirements.

High quality. When manufacturing tire manipulators used only high quality components: Specialized steel leading European manufacturer Ruukki (Finland) and SSAB (Sweden); hydraulic cylinders made in South Korea; components of the hydraulic lines (hoses pressure, pipe fittings, valves Distribution) production Parker (Germany).

Features of different options chassis
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Tire manipulator based on a forklift. Convenient for operation in the repair box on the any area with a firm and level surface. Due to the small dimensions of the forklift tire manipulator has increased maneuverability and ensures more accurate positioning of the wheel.


tl_files/pictures/Katalog/kolesnik 8 big.JPGTire arm-based front- end loader. Convenient for operation in the open pit at area with a rough surface (soil, rock, stones). Becouse of power front loader tire manipulator has high maneuverability.


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Tire Changer. Mobile tire changer series «SHM»


  Mobile tire changer series "SHM" - is a professional mining equipment, allowing effectively serve all sizes of large wheels in the range of 18.00-25 to 59/80-63 inches.Due to the universality of its design, the stand is suitable for both the three-and five composite disks of dump trucks and forklifts with capacity from 30 to 360 tons of the world's leading manufacturers such as BelAZ, Caterpillar, Komatsu-HaulPak, Hitachi-Euclid, Liebherr, Terex, Volvo, Bell, John Deere and others. Small weight and dimensions of the stands allow to use equipment in service territory without any additional work (don’t need to prepare service areas for repair and service).

Features tire changer series «SHM»

Versatility. Tire equipment made by Siberian Technology allows us to serve all range of OTR tires leading manufacturers, such as Belshina, Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone range from 18.00-25 to 59/80-63 inches. Setting the size of the tire can be made within a few minutes and is carried out manually.

Mobility. It is possible to move the tire changer within the service area because of compact dimensions and weight of the tire changer. You don’t need any additional work or capital costs to install the stand. You should place stand in any convenient operation place and attach it to the surface of the anchor bolts (4 pc) through holes in the base of the stand. To work needed only a flat stand surface, lifting gear and availability, to connect the power supply.

Performance. Powerful hydraulic cylinder provides reliable process of dismantling the tire dump. Pressing force is from 70 to 200 tons. It depends on the model of the stand. This equipment is able to dismantle tires which are working in the most severe climatic conditions (-25 to 40), and become attached with rusted wheels. Operation to replace example tires 33.00-51 lasts on average from 30 to 60 minutes. Force one operator.

Delicate relation to tires and disks. Works on dismantling and assembling the tires are very carefully conducted due to the design features of the equipment. Safety of tires, wheels, lock and side ring is guaranteed. This point entails not only the technical benefits, but also economic.

More pictures of the equipment, refer to the Gallery


Download   technical information about mobile tire changer series «SHM»